A virtual tour of the Picture Gallery

The museums of a city are meant for the artworks - they want to take care of the works and let them speak to both citizens, through the living memory of their territory, and visitors, through the discovery of heritage. In recent times, museums have become places of social interaction and education, focusing not only on the arts but also on the idea of living together. The Picture Gallery of Ancona is a synthesis of these purposes, acting as a "glocal" subject thanks to the quality of its collection, strongly rooted in the territory, and the presence of universal masterpieces.The idea of building a digital platform for the museums collection is not simply an effort to keep up with technology, nor it is a vain desire or a measure to deal with the pandemic emergency. On the other hand, it is a way to approach the city's heritage systematically, being keen on re-reading it, re-organizing it and enhancing the highly empathic character of our Museum.Nothing can replace the physical relationship with the work of art, but this does not prevent us from dealing with art even when we are far from it. After all, the same is also true for people: a virtual tour is the beginning of a journey that combines technology and classical culture, without one becoming a mere object of the other. Knowledge, education, learning and community are the goals of this union, which finds its balance in the human factor.Paolo Marasca, Councillor for Culture, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Municipality of Ancona

City Picture Gallery “F. Podesti”and Modern Art Gallery

Through its heritage, the Picture Gallery of Ancona tells the story of the city and the life of its citizens over the centuries. The gallery is located in a newly renovated palace and offers a pluralistic itinerary that constantly refers to the urban fabric. While creating the contents for the virtual tour, we have built a stronger relationship with technology and enhanced more comprehensive skills. First of all, we have significantly reorganized our heritage, including the works in the archives and museum deposits. We have also reviewed the scientific files of the artworks for a better understanding of the contents, and we are still examining the different possibilities that this digital tool offers to the audience, not only from a technological point of view.

Both the staff and the management strongly believe in the human and professional components for the understanding of the heritage. However, the interaction with this amazing technological tool can surely develop new and creative forms of narrative.

Marche PolytechnicUniversity

The Virtual Tour of the City Picture Gallery “F.Podesti” of Ancona offers 360-degree images that can be viewed from any type of device – the user can visit the gallery in a very interactive way. A large number of ground laser scanner stations and drone aerial systems allowed the digitization of the entire building. 3D images and models of the artworks were then integrated into the different environments, using the latest photogrammetry software. The Structure from Motion technique, applied to the paintings, made it possible to process not only HD images but also real digital reproductions able to record the state of conservation of the paintings and their supports. The digital platform also allows the use of 3D viewers to have an immersive 3D experience of the works and rooms, also from home. Moreover, the platform will improve the heritage accessibility, the real-time interaction with the museum staff and the provision of museum services during navigation.