Walking along the street that takes to the City Picture Gallery you will be seduced by the daily bustle of the Old Port that makes visitors turn towards the horizon of the Adriatic Sea with the sound of its sirens. Here, just a few metres above sea level, the tour to the permanent collection of the City Picture Gallery begins.

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City Picture Gallery F. Podestiand Modern Art Gallery

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From via Saffi, visitors can meet Vicolo Foschi and enter the City Picture Gallery. Here begins the tour of the permanent collection of the Picture Gallery, named after the painter Francesco Podesti from Ancona, whose works are displayed inside. Through artistic narratives exploring ancient, modern and contemporary artworks, the exhibition welcomes visitors with outstanding masterpieces such as the wonderful "Gozzi Altarpiece" by Titian (the first dated work by the Italian Renaissance master), the "Madonna with Child" by Carlo Crivelli, the "Altarpiece of the Halberd" by Lorenzo Lotto and paintings by Olivuccio di Ceccarello, Sebastiano Del Piombo, Andrea Lilli, Guercino and Carlo Maratti. Besides the exhibitions of contemporary artists, there is a great collection of the twentieth century linked to the prestigious "Premio Marche" featuring works by Bartolini, Bucci, Cagli, Trubbiani, Enzo Cucchi and other contemporary artists.

Two streets are leading to the Civic Picture Gallery “Francesco Podesti”. The first one, parallel to Via Nazario Sauro, offers a special view on the daily bustle of the Old Port. From Via XXIX Settembre, take Via Aurelio Saffi to meet Vicolo Foschi and the walls of Bosdari Palace with the main entrance to the Gallery. The second route goes through the heart of the city, connecting the Picture Gallery to the other museums. From Plebiscito Square (where the City Museum is located), facing the statue of Pope Clemente XXII, take Via Pizzecolli. A short walk within the walls of the historic centre leads to the second door of the Picture Gallery. This entrance is only open on exceptional occasions and usually serves as a second exit. Before plunging into the exhibition, visit the historic Bosdari Palace together with Bonomini Palace, newly renovated in a contemporary style.

In 2016 the Civic Picture Gallery reopened to the public in a new architectural style with a thematic exhibition displayed in two historic buildings: Bosdari Palace and Bonomini Palace. The first building, the residence of the noble family of Croatian origin and home of the civic collection since 1973 was built on the ancient city walls and a portion of a medieval tower, visible in the underground levels of the Picture Gallery. The second building, house of Giuseppe Bonomini in the 18th century, shows the different construction stages over the centuries. Going up the suggestive stairs suspended in the void, you reach the rooms where the masterpieces by Titian, Lorenzo Lotto, Carlo Crivelli, Sebastiano del Piombo, Andrea Lilli, Olivuccio di Ciccarello and the outstanding paintings by Carlo Maratti, Guercino and Sassoferrato are displayed. In the museum, you can also see a selection of works from the Modern Art Gallery of the city and experience the siege of Ancona with the majestic “Oath of Anconitani” by Francesco Podesti. With the same ticket, you can visit the City Museum, in Plebiscito Square, just a few metres away from the Picture Gallery.


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